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Moore Brown & Dixon LLP Solicitors
69/70 High Street, Tewkesbury GL20 5LE : 01684 292341
And at Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire : 01684 592675
Summary Of All Our Services
1. Personal Injury and Accident Claims including:
  1. Roadway, workplace and other accidents.
  2. Medical negligence.
  3. Claims for compensation and loss of earnings.
  4. Criminal injury compensation.
  5. No Win No Fee arrangements.

2. Residential Properties/Houses/Flats & Land Conveyancing including:
  1. Conveyancing services: sales and purchases
  2. Deeds of Easements/Services/Rights of Way etc.
  3. Home Information Packs (HIPS)

3. Wills & Probate including:
  1. Drafting and preparing Wills
  2. Advice on Inheritance matters
  3. Obtaining Grants of Probate and Administration
  4. Administering and winding up Estates
  5. Inheritance tax advice and planning

4. Business Properties & Land Conveyancing including:
  1. Commercial conveyancing service, sale or purchase
  2. Drafting, preparing and advising on Business Leases and Licences
  3. Business Lease, Termination and Renewal

5. Residential Tenancies/Lease including:
  1. Preparation of tenancies
  2. Tenancy advice
  3. Recovery of possession
  4. Deeds of Variation/correction of long leases. Extensions of long leases terms

6. Building & Development Properties including:
  1. Developments sales/purchasers
  2. Formation and administration of Management Companies
7. Agricultural Properties & Farming including:
  1. Complete conveyancing service for farms and farmland.
  2. Drafting, preparing and advising on agricultural tenancies.
  3. Dealing with partnerships and agreements.
  4. Shooting and sporting rights.

8. Business & Company Services including:
  1. Buying, selling or starting a business

9. Trusts and Gifts including:
  1. Creation and administration of Trusts
  2. Deeds of Gift and Family arrangement

10. Powers of Attorney including:
  1. Preparation of Powers of Attorney and Lasting Powers of Attorney
  2. Advice/Administration of lifetime affairs for the infirm

11. Debt Collection including:
  1. Recovery of business and personal debts

12. Matrimonial & Family Problems including:
  1. Separation and Divorce
  2. Maintenance and property claims
  3. Child residence and contact orders
  4. Pre-Nuptial Agreements

13. Licensing including:
  1. Liquor licence applications and transfers
  2. Public entertainment licences

14. Employment Law including:
  1. Unfair dismissal and redundancy
  2. Employment contracts
  3. Employment Tribunal claims
  4. Compromise Agreements

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Moore Brown & Dixon LLP Solicitors
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