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Separation And Divorce
When a marriage or civil partnership fails, it is important that the issues that then arise are dealt with in a sensitive manner. At the same time it is important your interests (and those of any children) are protected fully and on occasion it is essential that prompt action is taken to protect your position. When acting for you we will deal with such matters in a constructive but firm way.

Moreover, where the other party makes unreasonable demands or has unrealistic expectations they will need to be resisted effectively.

The process of dealing with a failed marriage or civil partnership has two elements. Firstly the legal termination or divorce (which will depend upon the circumstances of the breakdown) and secondly the resolution of the financial consequences of the dissolution and any issues with regard to the children and proper provision for the parties interests, which can be more involved.

With regard to financial matters, the parties are asked to disclose their financial position and an attempt may then be made to negotiate a settlement. If agreement is not reached fairly readily and satisfactorily, then the court process is employed to help resolve the issues. As to children issues (e.g. where they should live, and contact arrangements), the court approach is not to intervene unless it is to resolve a dispute between the parents. Maintenance for children will depend upon the parties' means.

There are family mediation services available, and we will discuss the suitability of mediation with you as an alternative to the court process.

For many, the prospect of a divorce or separation is fraught with uncertainty. For this reason, we offer a free no obligation initial interview to provide an overview of your options and entitlements so that you have a better understanding of what to expect.

To arrange an appointment please call us on 01684-292341.

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